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Vegan “Chicken-noodle-soup” Rice

31 Dec

Yesterday I made some rice that turned out pretty well. I’m trying to find rice recipes that I like that don’t use loads of sugar. (And I’m not a huge fan of the taste of soy sauce). Using a vegan bouillon cube made the mixture taste so much like chicken noodle soup.

Vegan “chicken noodle soup” rice

1/2 vegan bouillon cube
1 cup chopped carrots (I used frozen)
1 cup chopped broccoli (or peas or whatever you have on hand)
1/2 chopped white onion
1 cup (2 cups prepared) rice
2 tablespoons soy sauce (to taste)

Prepare the rice.
Cook carrots and broccoli in large pot on stove. When draining, leave 1/2 cup water in the pot.
Add chopped onions and cook on medium-low heat. Break up the bouillon cube and dissolve it in the pot with the vegetables.
Once onions are cooked, add 1 tbsp of the soy sauce and fold in the prepared rice until the liquid is absorbed and mixed evenly. Add more soy sauce to taste.
Serve hot.

I ate mine with a little bit of earth balance butter on top.



Dinner is Whatever We Find in the Pantry

24 Aug

For dinner today we all stood around the pantry, pulling boxes and cans and arguing about what would taste good.
I ended up cooking a spicy kind of Mexican rice.
I sautéed onions and jalapeños. Then added a can of diced tomatoes and peppers, some shredded carrots, and garlic powder. I cooked that mixture down some and then added some drained black beans. Once the beans were heated, I folded in cooked brown rice and added some cayenne pepper sauce.
The result was good, I’ll definitely make something similar again. I was glad I added in the extra jalapeños, it gave the rice a nice taste.
We definitely need to go grocery shopping ASAP.


Rice Cooker Adventures

6 Feb
When I was younger, I practically never ate rice. We were a pasta family. When my sister and father were diagnosed with celiac, they ate rice, but I am pretty sure it was instant.
So my rice cooking skills are pretty much level 0.5. Cooking rice on a stove is practically impossible! I finally got a rice cooker. Compliments of one of my super awesome friends; who had a spare. I was eager to try it out: to have decent, not too mushy/hard/burnt rice, and not having a pot to scrape clean.
Basically. You put some rice in, and some water. Close the lid. Push a magic button. And that’s it! I kept checking to make sure that the rice wasn’t doing anything crazy. It didn’t. Rice cookers work. Who woulda thunk.
The rice paddle that came with the cooker worked excellently as well. You would be surprised at how much difference the shape of a spoon can  make.
In the pantry, I had some long grain white rice, some frozen veggie mix, and sweet and sour sauce. We didn’t even have soy sauce. Now that I have a way to make super easy and delicious rice, I will be expanding the Asian-style cuisine found in my pantry. Any suggestions? Our household is very Italian-food centered, so I’m not sure where to begin.
So. Our main meal this evening was white rice, with veggies fried up in canola oil. I got a thumbs up from my picky eater.
Eventually I want to use the steamer to cook some meat and veggies. And get some brown rice.