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Caffeine in Florence

15 May
So when I went to Italy, I was super excited and expecting something completely different when it came to the coffee. I was right to be excited, it was awesome. But different from what I expected. After my trip I decided that I will, in the nearish future, buy a super-high-tech espresso machine. And fresh coffee beans.
morning: cappuccino
lunch: cappuccino if early, espresso Italiano if later in day. Espresso is taken like a shot of alcohol, and is about 1.50 euro wherever you are. Mix a packet of sugar in it. [Btw they don’t have any fake sugar like Splenda.] If you add any more, you might as well get an espresso Americano. Which, I learned on my trip, is watered down espresso >.<
dinner: wine, not espresso.
Hot Chocolate is acceptable to drink any time. When you go to Florence, definitely try the hot chocolate. Its like drinking candy, only not overwhelming 🙂

Tomato Habit

19 Mar
I haven’t blogged since I came back from Florence, which has been awhile. Sorry about that.
But todays is about tomatoes :). I had the most excellent tomatoes while in Florence.  When I came back, I started craving and eating a ton of tomato products (tomato soup, mass amounts of ketchup, tomato slices on everything, etc…). It’s kind of becoming an obsession.
But heres pictures of the dishes in Italy that had some tomatoes in them:

Dinner in Rome. Bruschetta, cheese, and prosciutto.

Last meal in Firenze; lasagna and esta the (popular peach tea)

tomato basil ribollita and pasta

pasta with meat and tomato sauce

personal pizza

Yup. spaghetti with basil and tomato sauce. it was great 🙂

There was bruschetta at basically every nice dinner I had there. I bought nice olive oil in Italy and I grow basil in the summer so I’m going to try to make some. And the tomato basil ribollita, which was just excellent.
I have yet to make homemade tomato soup, so thats a goal of mine as well.
On a side note, only because it deals with food, I gave up meat (other than seafood) for lent. So far so good. I made salmon burgers yesterday for the first time, they were awesome (with a large slice of tomato on them, of course 😉 ).