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The Very Best Kind of Recipes

29 Jan
Have you ever tried to get a to-die-for recipe off of a family member, and they just sort of listed ingredients at you? With some recipes, the instructions and ingredients are basically, “do it until it seems right.”
These recipes are the very best kind of recipes.
My Dad’s chili (in the previous post), my meatloaf, and most of my holiday recipes are like this. These recipes tend to be the ones that were passed on from family member to family member, and altered with each person.
These guess-and-check recipes are ones that stick with us, and that we can alter to our own tastes. BUT they can be quite frustrating for a new cook.
As I am attempting to write my cookbook, I am finding that I have to measure out exactly how much of what I put into my meals. Which is a pain. But eventually, hopefully, someone will be able to use that and make it their own. I am searching for this kind of recipe to experiment on, and hopefully fill my cookbook with. Thanks to technology, there are videos of people making food like this all over the internet. And you can kind of judge how much of what to put in by watching.
Do you have any of these kinds of recipes? Please do share.

Create a Tradition: Pancakes

16 Jan
Growing up, pancakes were a Sunday morning tradition in my family. My Mom had a few different flavors of syrup to choose from (blueberry and pure maple are my favorites), and my little brother would create a nice-sized mountain of powdered sugar on top of his pancake stack. Pancakes and coffee is now my go-to meal in any diner situation. And I make pancakes from scratch at home on a pretty regular basis. I am a pancake fiend :).
For many people, making pancakes from scratch seems out of reach and like too much work. It isn’t. And, bothering to make pancakes from scratch is worth it. Let me repeat: PANCAKES FROM SCRATCH ARE TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Making your own pancake mixture saves the taste and texture, guarantees the ingredients (healthy, indulgent, or preservative laden), and gives you more control. Once you begin making them from scratch, it is very likely that you will never buy boxed mix again.
Work wise, I understand how some people can get overwhelmed. For awhile, I was using a recipe that required that the milk, eggs, and softened butter were room temperature, without microwaving. Imagine how much time and foresight that took.
Super Awesome Pancake recipe from Allrecipes.com
^ That is the recipe I now use. It uses white vinegar, so make sure you have it. The vinegar’s reaction with the baking soda helps make these pancakes fluffy.  I also add only about two tablespoons of butter, and I use whole wheat flour (which is sold at your grocery store, there is no excuse not to buy it.)
My picky eaters who are NOT pancake fiends like myself love this recipe, even with the whole wheat flour. The whole wheat makes me feel a bit better about eating pancakes so frequently 😉
I also suggest using free to roam, organically fed hen’s eggs. Both for flavor and for moral goodness. But I’ll save that for another post.
Enjoy your weekend, and consider trying out these pancakes for tomorrow morning. Your family, and your taste buds, will thank you.