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Turn on some tunes for better food

21 Jan
When I was in high school, I had this amazing art teacher.  Ms. D  is creative, strong, passionate, and insightful. During the hours that I spent in her classroom, we listened to all sorts of music while we drew/painted/sculpted/whatever she felt like doing. She said that different music helps you settle into different creative “tones.”
I don’t have much time to draw anymore, but I do cook. Cooking is pretty much where all of my creative energy goes. And I’ve found that Ms. D’s theory about music and creative expression applies to the kitchen as well. When I’m baking and getting flour all over the place, I tend to listen to The Beatles, or some other dance around sing at the top of my lungs music. When I make lasagna or something a bit less precise, I tend to listen to classical music (pandora.com is great for this!). Some how, when I listen to music, my meals turn out better tasting. And it doesn’t hurt to actually enjoy cooking dinner for your family. Music makes my cooking experience more fun and meaningful. And if you mess something up, or cover your black cat in flour, music makes everything a bit more lighthearted ;).
My black kitty 😀
I was wondering if anyone else does the same thing? Listen to music while cooking, not specifically The Beatles or classical. If you don’t, try it out.
On a different note, today I went out and got some Chinese food (at the Sesame Inn, if you’re from Pittsburgh). I keep promising myself that I will be adventurous and order something like duck or at least some scallops. But I reverted to chicken. It was fantastic. And when they gave me my plate, it had this baby on it:

Radish Flower

Isnt that awesome? Its made of a fresh (not dried) radish, dyed pink and wrapped/folded, kept in place with toothpicks. It comes on all of their dinner plates.
So go get yourself a radish flower, and turn on some tunes. 😀

The Eco-chic thing you need to try: Furoshiki

15 Jan
I want to talk about furoshiki.  Furoshiki is essentially tying and folding a square scarf to create eco-friendly bags (for groceries, a purse, etc.) or gift wrapping. Type “furoshiki” into a YouTube search and watch some of the videos, they’re pretty cool.
YouTube how-to Video
^ that’s the link to the “how to” video of the bag that I’m currently using.
This is the scarf that has replaced my lost lunchbox. I already had it in my closet, so you don’t need a special kind of scarf, just square. It’s much smaller than the one in the video, but it has a lot of space. If you plan on trying this out, use a silk or nylon scarf. The knots come out really easily in silk or nylon, but still look good and support a surprising amount of weight. I’ve seen websites that sell cotton ones though. (furoshiki.com).
These bags (and gift wrappings- there is a pretty awesome way to wrap bottles like this) are extremely convenient and eco-friendly as well. I’m using mine as a lunch box, and I will try this technique out on the next gift I wrap. If nothing else, you just learned how to make an extremely chic beach bag ;). After a trying a few different styles of bags it is easy to get the hang of it and make a bag that suits your needs; you will be able to control the style and length of the handles, choose if it stays open or can close, and how much space is inside the bag.
I’m going to visit Florence soon, and I’m thinking that this might be the substitute I use for my over-weight purse.