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Trying to Find Staple Foods

31 Aug

We finally got to try one of Amy’s frozen vegan meals, a burrito. I liked it but the other said it was “alright.” I think the meals are a pretty good vegan option for someone with very little time. (Although many of Amy’s meals are not vegan, they’re organic and offer a lot of gluten free options as well. The packages are clearly marked which I definitely appreciate. I learned about the brand via my sister who has celiac.) Amy’s also has a vegan/gluten free macaroni and cheese option made with rice noodles and soy cheese that I want to try.


We’ve been eating lots of rice, I finally bought more brown rice and a few bags of frozen vegetables. We need to stock up on the mixed frozen vegetables; now that veggies are a primary food source, I use a whole bag in a meal for two. There are two vegan sauces that I bought to try from Thai Kitchen, I like the pineapple chili one better but both are great. The soy sauce I already had in my fridge is vegan, but several others I had included bonito flakes or some other fishy ingredient.



The other night I had a meal where I was actually stuffed on legit vegan food (versus getting stuffed on a bag of chips that happen to be vegan >.<). I had a bowl of organic veggie soup, a salad, and a baked potato. On my baked potatoes I've been replacing butter with a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and using a mixed "steak rub" spice. Baked potatoes have helped my cravings for rich and wholesome and not salad. I would like to make a big batch of vegetable soup that I can freeze and use for awhile, but this meal's was from a can.



Cheat Meal and Inspirations

29 Aug

When we began eating vegan, we decided to have a cheat meal once a week, like Jenna Marbles. (The video where Jenna explains her diet/exercise: Click Here).
For this week’s cheat meal we ordered a barbecue chicken pizza and breadsticks. It was delicious. But the whole time I was eating, I felt SO guilty about what I was putting into my body. And my digestive system definitely didn’t thank me for the meal.
After speaking with the other vegan, who apparently felt wicked and guilty for eating pizza as well, I think our cheat meal will be healthier next time. Like some crab or an egg omelet. Yum.

I keep getting these cravings for things I’ve never craved before; like I’m pretty sure I could inhale an entire pot of mac n cheese right now. It’s probably because I know I can’t have these foods. Re-reading sections of the Skinny Bitch book has helped. The authors remind me why what I’m craving is actually nasty and undesirable. Thank goodness there’s a vegan book out there that’s so fun and easy to read. Skinny Bitch has some great recommendations, especially for new vegans.

First Meat Substitute

27 Aug

Yesterday we tried our first meat alternative, boca burgers. They were good but definitely not meat. The texture made me curious about recipes that would use crumbled boca burger.

I also bought soy cheese for the occasion! The cheese was great!! Too good to be true. I made the mistake of not checking the label before I bought it. Apparently the only soy cheese my grocery store sells still contains casein, which is made from milk. 😦 I’ll have to go to the market district to buy a truly vegan cheese. I might email my grocery branch and let them know they aren’t carrying any.

Look at that melted, glorious cheese:



25 Aug

How about a very photo-guided entry.

For lunch today, salad. In mine I used a balsamic vinegar dressing and I chopped up some fresh chiles my sister gave me.


The zucchini, chiles, jalapeños, and leaves my sister gave me. I’m not sure what the leaves are called but she said to wrap them around rice like grape leaves.

For dinner we had burritos with refrained beans, roasted onions and chiles, lettuce, and homemade salsa. Everyone liked them, even the meat eaters. 🙂 20120825-010828.jpg


A picture from the demolition derby I went to today. I ended up eating fair food; I split a vegetarian stromboli (no doubt had eggs and milk) with my mom and some fries. 20120825-010959.jpg

Eyeing up Cheese

25 Aug

For breakfast this morning: organic vegan cereal, sliced banana, almond milk.
While waiting to pick up my prescription, I walked around the grocery store and looked at different meat and cheese alternatives. Dinner would be much easier if I could just throw a chicken patty in the oven and microwave a side. I mostly miss cooking with cheese, it makes stuff taste so good 😦
The cheese alternatives available all seem pretty expensive, even more so than the alternative meats. There are shredded varieties and slices that are supposed to be good for melting. I’ll most likely go with the slices when I do decide to try.
I left the store with some brown rice, tortilla wraps, bananas, and mixed nuts. Bananas are SO CHEAP right now, I’m thinking about buying a bunch and freezing them for smoothies.
My mom wants to take me to the demolition derby tonight at a local fair! Do they sell salads at fairs. -_-


24 Aug

“Oh god it’s so bad.”
For breakfast I made a peanut butter and jelly protein smoothie with frozen mixed berries, peanut butter, flaxseed, and ice.
I think it turned out ok but the boyfriend hated it. I don’t think he’s a peanut butter fan.
Almond milk would’ve been better than water but we didn’t have any.
I really don’t like using the blender and I’m not a huge smoothie fan, so I’m not going to go chasing after smoothie recipes. It seems like there are so many vegan smoothie suggestions out there that you can’t avoid them while looking for recipes.


Energy Drank

23 Aug

According to peta’s website, monster energy drink is vegan. I’m shocked and upset and happy about this. Monster is not good for your body. It smells like chemicals. It’s not exactly natural. But this summer monster has been almost a daily indulgence of mine and I’m glad that I don’t have to give it up right away.
I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine, maybe just switch to tea. So I won’t have monster as frequently. I went three days without any caffeine at all before buying today’s monster so I’ve been better about it.
I’m going to miss coffee creamer this autumn.

Sorry about the super frequent updates, but I’m learning a lot with almost every new meal. My posts will slow down soon enough 😉


Learning Vegan

23 Aug

Time to dust off the old blog, I have new food adventures 🙂

I’m transitioning into eating more healthy, vegan based foods. Basically trying to be vegan as much as possible, but seeing where it takes me and trying to be healthier with my food choices in general. Apparently Oreos are vegan(?!?); it doesn’t make them healthy.

Today I ate fruit, salad, rice, tortilla chips, and a baked potato. And then more rice.
On the potato, instead of butter I used some almond milk and spices. It wasn’t bad.
We ran out of salad stuff today. I’m interested to see what I end up eating since I have a limited budget.

I have been a bit hungry today. I need to find some vegan bread asap!

Cola Chicken in Crockpot

5 Sep
This is a good recipe; it’s in a crock pot/slow cooker, it’s gluten-free and it’s chicken.
Here’s the recipe:
Cola Chicken
This made two large servings.
5 chicken breast fillets (small, boneless, skinless.)
1/3 cup ketchup
1/3 cup rootbeer (or any dark soda, like Coke, Pepsi, or diet will work. I used rootbeer so it would be caffeine free.)
1/4 cup chopped sweet onion
1 tbsp butter
cooking spray
In a medium bowl, mix together the ketchup, rootbeer, and chopped onions.
Spray the inside of the crock pot with cooking spray (I used olive oil cooking spray) and put the butter at the bottom.
Place the chicken in, as spread out as possible.
Pour the sauce over the chicken, and put the lid on.
Place the crock pot on high and cook for 4 hours. (It’s done after three. ) When the chicken is first cooking the sauce seems too thin. However, after it cooks for about three hours it will thicken properly.

Serve hot and enjoy! 😀






Butterbeer Recipe

4 Sep
For the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie, I finally found a decent butterbeer recipe. This recipe does include alcohol (and you can get drunk like Winky off of it). In the series butterbeer is usually warm, but my final choice was a cold variety. I liked how this recipe was simple and didn’t involve any cooking, or too many ingredients.
Here’s the recipe:
1 shot vanilla vodka
2 or 3 shots of butterscotch schnapps (preference)
1 cup of cream soda
Pour the ingredients in a glass mug, stir and serve.
*please know that butterbeer is very sweet!

Winky the house elf

Some butterbeer passages; for background 😀

First passage with butterbeer:

“Harry and Hermione made their way to the back of the room, where there was a small, vacant table between the window and a handsome Christmas tree, which stood next to the fireplace. Ron came back five minutes later, carrying three foaming tankards of hot butterbeer.
‘Merry Christmas!’ he said happily, raising his tankard.
Harry drank deeply. It was the most delicious thing he’d ever tasted and seemed to heat every bit of him from the inside.”

[page 201, Prisoner of Azkaban, American edition.]

Winky’s depressed scene (part):

“Winky’s eyelids drooped and suddenly, without warning, she slid off her stool into the hearth, snoring loudly. The empty bottle of butterbeer rolled away across the stone-flagged floor. Half a dozen house-elves came hurrying forward, looking disgusted. One of the picked up the bottle; the others covered Winky with a large checked tablecloth and tucked the ends in neatly, hiding her from view.
‘We is sorry you had to see that, sirs and miss!’ squeaked a nearby elf, shaking his head and looking very ashamed. ‘We is hoping you will not judge us all by Winky, sirs and miss!’
‘She’s unhappy!’ said Hermione, exasperated. ‘Why don’t you try and cheer her up instead of covering her up?'”

[page 538, Goblet of Fire, American edition]