Eyeing up Cheese

25 Aug

For breakfast this morning: organic vegan cereal, sliced banana, almond milk.
While waiting to pick up my prescription, I walked around the grocery store and looked at different meat and cheese alternatives. Dinner would be much easier if I could just throw a chicken patty in the oven and microwave a side. I mostly miss cooking with cheese, it makes stuff taste so good 😦
The cheese alternatives available all seem pretty expensive, even more so than the alternative meats. There are shredded varieties and slices that are supposed to be good for melting. I’ll most likely go with the slices when I do decide to try.
I left the store with some brown rice, tortilla wraps, bananas, and mixed nuts. Bananas are SO CHEAP right now, I’m thinking about buying a bunch and freezing them for smoothies.
My mom wants to take me to the demolition derby tonight at a local fair! Do they sell salads at fairs. -_-


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