Caffeine in Florence

15 May
So when I went to Italy, I was super excited and expecting something completely different when it came to the coffee. I was right to be excited, it was awesome. But different from what I expected. After my trip I decided that I will, in the nearish future, buy a super-high-tech espresso machine. And fresh coffee beans.
morning: cappuccino
lunch: cappuccino if early, espresso Italiano if later in day. Espresso is taken like a shot of alcohol, and is about 1.50 euro wherever you are. Mix a packet of sugar in it. [Btw they don’t have any fake sugar like Splenda.] If you add any more, you might as well get an espresso Americano. Which, I learned on my trip, is watered down espresso >.<
dinner: wine, not espresso.
Hot Chocolate is acceptable to drink any time. When you go to Florence, definitely try the hot chocolate. Its like drinking candy, only not overwhelming 🙂

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